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Interview with a

We have done some interesting things in the past, but this interview is a first. I was asked by the interviewee for this interview so he can set the record straight. But he is not a person, he is a cartridge and he wants people to appreciate him. So without further adieu, here is the
Sorcerer cart.

Tom-So why did you ask me to interview you today?

Sorcerer-There are many reasons for me to want this interview. First and foremost, I want people to know that it is lonely being a Sorcerer cart. It is tough to sit on the shelf and watch the Space Invaders, Ms Pacmans and others get all the playtime. Sometimes it is so bad, I wish bad things to happen to the Activision carts. Can I help it if I was made by Mythicon and not Activision? Is a cart any less deserving of love because of his name?

Tom-Speaking of Mythicon, do you guys ever get together, you know a support group or anything?

Sorcerer-I would, but I don't have any arms or legs. The only way I get to move around is if someone picks me up and does it and you can guess how many times that happens. I mean come on guys, put down Kaboom and play me once, that is all I am asking.

Tom-Do you ever get mistaken with another game?

Sorcerer-Once in awhile with Sorcerer's Apprentice, but that rarely happens. But what does happen alot and it steams me is when people mix up Mythicon and Mystique games. Nothing is worse than thinking you are finally getting some time only to be tossed aside when they find out you are not a Mystique game. Come on, we are better than them. Sure we don't have the you know what, but our gameplay is better. Not that anyone would know.

Tom-In closing, is there anything you would like to say to the gameplayers out there?

Sorcerer-Yeah, don't judge a game solely on the company. We have no control over our contents and deserve a fair chance. Remember that I am not a bad game, I'm just programmed that way.

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