This section features all the interviews that were done over the years in Retrogaming Times.  While there are a few interviews with arcade and home console professionals, most of the interviews were done with regular people who were doing some kind of classic game project.  The point of Retrogaming Times was to give everyone a voice and I wanted to do what I could to help these people promote their projects. 

Lafe Travis Created remakes of classic games - Venture 2 and Grandpa Pacman
Warren Davis Programmer on the original Q*Bert
Frank Traut Created a Scott Adams CD collection
Brian McKee An Atari Programmer who did Area , Space Lords and Maximum Force
Sorcerer Cart An interview with an Atari cart.
Carl Forhan Owner of Songbird Productions a company that makes Jaguar and Lynx games
Rob Kudla Remade Atari 2600 Pacman
Tim Snider #1 Interview about Blair Witch Project and other Atari 2600 games.
Tim Snider #2 Interview about Venture 2 cart for the Atari 2600
Leonard Herman Writer of the acclaimed book, Phoenix the Fall and Rise of Video Games
John Kutcher Programmer of Space Taxi for the Commodore 64
David Ormand TI 99/4A programmer


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