(Birds, fungus, everything in this game hates you.)

Sometimes you come across a game that may be too difficult for its own good.  The only thing more confusing than the name is the controls.  It is like the programmers decided to go out and create a game that was more difficult to control than Defender.  Don't believe me, check this out, you move with the joystick, you aim with the spinner.  You shoot with one button, pick up with another and I still have no idea what the other two buttons are for.  I think one is for shield and the other is a mystery to me.  This is too bad as the game is quite fun.

This game has you playing a wizard.  You have to move around levels and find keys to move on.  From everywhere and I do mean everywhere comes creatures that cause you harm.  Soldiers are walking around, arrows get shot from who knows where, birds drop stuff on your head.  It is like someone painted a giant bulls eye on you and everyone is doing their best to get you.

(Yes there are even boss battles.  This game has everything but good controls.)

The graphics are nice and there is a good variety of different places to go.  From castles to what looks like a forest, you are not limited to a single screen.  There is also a wide variety of creatures to battle and a ton of different things to pick up.  But it is so tough to move and aim and shoot that you will go nuts.  Luckily the Devastator II has a button on the joystick, so I could default the shooting button to that and it made things easier.  That was until I needed to pick up a key and then I would get pelted by those pesky birds.  The one problem is that the creatures just keep regenerating, so you really need to just grab the key and run. 

I really wanted to like this game.  The main character is pretty cool and I like the premise, but I just wish they made it a bit easier to control.  I do not want to even think about playing this with a keyboard and mouse.  It would be enough to drive a person mad.  If you are up for a challenge, try the game.  Just be prepared to get frustrated, I guarantee you will.

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.



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