This is one of those odd little games that plays so much better with a V-Stick. Much like Robotron, you can move and shoot in different directions. While this game is easier to play than Robotron when you only have one joystick, it is still harder.

The game revolves around an alien who has to fly around in his kroozer and zap creatures. There are all kinds of creatures and by zapping two of the same creature in consecutive shots, you will eliminate them. But if you shoot one type of creature and then another, you won't do anything (at least on the early levels). You will know when you hit a creature as it will shake uncontrollably. But on later levels if you shoot one creature and than another type, you will blend the two creatures into a real monstrosity. While this looks neat, it makes for some real headaches.

To make your life even tougher, on the higher levels the monsters turn into itty bitty creatures. These creatures cannot be killed until all the big monsters are zapped and then you can go on a hunt. But, instead of having to chase these pint sized terrors down, they will come after you. Smaller size does not mean smaller problems as they are quite fast and vicious.

The graphics are very large and colorful with a wide assortment of monster. You little alien is kinda cute and his ship is small and sleek. The game is an addictive little romp that will keep you busy from time to time.

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.


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Tomorrow's Heroes
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