That is right, the cute little game for the Odyssey II was an arcade game first. Well, I never paid much attention to the game, played it once and wasn't much impressed. Well, I decided to give the game another whirl and found that first impressions were unjust. This is a fun little game!

Your job is guide Momma Turtle around the maze and save your baby turtles. There are houses with question marks, scattered around the maze and you have to go in and open them. Most of the time, a cute baby turtle comes out and you have to take him to another house that appears. But two of the houses per level contain bad guys that will zap the poor momma. This is bad. But you do have a weapon! This turtle is no pushover, no siree! She is packing heat in the form of bombs. She can drop one of these bombs and when a baddie hits it, he is stunned for a few moments. You ask why it doesn't kill him? She is a mother turtle and all around nice creature. She doesn't want to bring harm to no one, just save her babies. Nice to see a nonviolent game.

Of course you have a limited number of bombs, but there is a place in the middle of the screen, where you can get more. Each time you run over this area, you get three more bombs. So like the pepper in Burgertime, you can stockpile it. A good strategy on earlier levels is to build up a surplus. There is one small thing to remember about the bombs and this is important. Once you drop a bomb, you cannot drop another until it is detonated. Quite simply, if you drop a bomb, it has to be run over, which will set it off, before you can drop another. So use some strategy in where you lay them bombs as it can be the difference of life and death.

Overall, it is a fun little game. While it is a maze game, it does have enough to set it apart from the Pacman clones. While the game won't keep you up late at night, it is a nice diversion and you may find yourself playing it more than you care to admit.

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.


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