Turkey Shoot
Since Thanksgiving is coming, I thought this would be a good time to review Turkey Shoot!  It is not every game that allows you to battle turkeys.  But these birds have gone bad and it is your job to stop their criminal ways!  And you thought Chicken Run was crazy?

This is another of the light gun games.  But on the computer, you use the mouse to move around and the control key to shoot.  You also can throw grenades and make a turkey call, which freezes them momentarily.  You get one grenade and gobble per level.  While you may think that you are only dealing with regular turkeys, that is far from the case.  There are also dive bombing turkeys and robot turkeys as well as the thug turkey.  These gobblers are robbing banks and causing all kinds of havoc and only you can halt their fowl ways.

(Turkeys gone bad!  And you thought killer tomatoes were dangerous.)

But the streets are not just full of turkeys.  There are also innocent people who need to be saved.  Besides saving them, you must also avoid shooting them.  Shoot a person and you cause a fowl.  Three fowls and you lose.  Also letting a turkey carrying money to escape will cause a fowl, so keep them corralled.  

The graphics are simple, but fun.  Shoot a turkey and he becomes a stuffed bird (not the taxidermist kind, but the kind you would find on a dinner table).  They run around with their weapons and look pretty cute, for rampaging turkeys.  The game greets you will a gobble and the sound is pretty decent.  Unlike many of the MAME lightgun games, this one is quite a challenge and it will take some time for you to beat all the levels.  No walk through the park here.  

Turkey Shoot is a quirky title with some appeal.  While it will not go down as a classic, it is a nice treat.  If they can find a way to make lightgun support for MAME, then games like this will really be more fun.  But even with the hardware limitations, it is still a fun little game that you will gobble up.  Sorry, but I couldn't help myself.

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.


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