Snow Bros.
If you ever played Bubble Bobble, then you know how to play Snow Bros.  The play mechanics are the same and if I am correct, this is sorta a sequel to the very popular series (which also spawned Rainbow Islands and Puzzle Bobble).  The game has you in control of one of the snow bros, who look like snowmen.  Your goal is to battle the monsters by covering them with snow and turning them into a big snowball and then pushing the off to bowl over everything in site.  

While it is a fun one player game, it really shines as a two player game!  It is almost mandatory that you have two people as the game can be quite difficult.  Not only are you outnumbered 5-1, but it takes quite a few hits to turn a creature into a snowball.  Think of Dig Dug and the amount of effort you needed to pump up a creature and you have somewhat an idea of how time consuming it can be to defeat your foes.  This also leaves you open to attacks, so you must be careful.

(The fire breathing frog, beware!)

The game consists of a bunch of different levels, each with its own challenges.  Some have confining corridors to travel in, as you try to stop the creatures.  Others force some creative jumps to get into a position where you have a chance at survival.  There are also quite a few different creatures to fight.  Some have special attacks, like the fire breathing frogs.  These also present some challenges as you must constantly learn new foes.

Snow Bros is a very enjoyable game.  Like I said, if you liked Bubble Bobble, you will like Snow Bros.  It is the same gameplay, with some differences, mainly in graphics and creatures you must face.  But make sure you play it with someone as the game is meant to be played with another gamer.  It is called Snow Bros and that is a plural term.

(All the bad guys say good riddance to the Snow Bros!) 

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.