Bet you thought I was going to review Gauntlet next, right? Sorry, I decided to review the arcade version of one of my favorite television shows. The Simpsons game captures some of the wackiness of the television show and it should be commended for this. Many of the characters from the show pop up in the many, many levels of the game (I played through at least 7 and the game wasn't over yet). Just about every character from the television show (up to the point of this game) are in there, including some of my favorites like the comic store owner and the three eyed fish!

In this game, you choose from four different Simpsons characters to be. At the arcade, you could have up to four players. While I guess you could on MAME, some fingers are going to get tied up on that keyboard. The characters are the main Simpsons family members, Homer who uses his fists, Marge and her sweeper, Bart and his skateboard and Lisa and her deadly jump rope. No sexism here. As you make your way through the game, you will find that besides your chosen weapon, you can also pick up items to throw at enemies. There are all kinds of things to grab and throw and the amount of interactivity is astounding! Shake a tree and get an apple for health. Shake it too many times and a creature pops out and tells you to leave it alone. There are also little surprises all over. Go by a door and hit the action button and see what happens. There are all kinds of surprises and you will need to play a few times to see all of them.

Between some levels, there are mini games. Most are ones where you must hit the controllers as fast as possible to fill a balloon or something. The better you finish, the more points you get. While nothing groundbreaking, they are a nice change of pace (and will make the purchase of a new keyboard a priority).

Like I said earlier, the game is huge! Each level is very, very large and there are many of them! This is one game that will make you happy there is a pause button. One nice thing is that each level is different and there are lots of surprises to be found. This and wanting to see what other characters there are is what will drive you. The fighting is average and the novelty of fighting with a vacuum cleaner or a jump rope wears off quickly. Also, the funny little things the characters say will wear thin real fast. I wish they would vary these more as you soon get sick of hearing the same one liners over and over and over.

The best thing about having the Simpsons on MAME is now you will not have to spend a fortune to see the end of it. At the arcade, it would have taken at least $10.00 in quarters to finish the game, unless you were some super game player. Now you can continue until you are tired of it. Plus, you can go back and make sure you discovered everything without spending a small fortune!

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.


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