Roller Jammer
It is not every day you get to play a roller derby game at the arcades.  And it is even rarer that the roller derby takes place outdoors.  Leave it to a company as bizarre as Nichibutsu to come up with a bizarre game like this.  These are the same guys who made climbing the side of a building fun (Crazy Climber) as well as calling a game Frisky Tom. 

(It is you versus the Blue Man Group.)

To best way to summarize what Roller Jammer is would be imagine if you took the game Bump n Jump and instead of cars, you had roller derby people.  Then instead of an overhead view, you instead had a third person view.  If you can imagine this, you will feel right at home with Roller Jammer.  It is very much like Bump n Jump.  Both games involve you going down a road to a finish line.  Both have you jumping over obstacles and both have you pushing your opponents off the track.  Roller Jammer allows you to punch to the right or left and to jump.  As you go along, there is a bunch of members of the rival team.  You have to pass ten of them to get to the next level.  In the meantime, they are pushing and punching you as you head down the winding track.  And in the vein of Bump n Jump, you cannot go off the track.  Yes, the grass is quite deadly and will kill you.  Actually, you do not have lives, so it really just eats at your time.  And you thought crabgrass was bad. 

One thing that I did not understand, where is the rest of your team?  As far as I can tell, it is you against a dozen or so members of the other team.  Talk about having the odds stacked against you.  But you are pretty tough, so I guess you can handle it.  I was able to blow through a few levels with no problem.  The first level is actually a time test.  You have to go around cones as you make your way to the finish line before running out of time.  But after that level, it is you against a whole team and things look pretty hard.

(Oh Mickey you're so fine, you blow my mind!)

You may be asking about jumping and how it comes into play.  No, you cannot jump on top of the other team, like you can in Bump n Jump.  But there are deadly puddles of water that you have to jump over or they will.....slow you down.  Yeah, it is pretty lame.  There are also some letters you collect that give you points and occasionally it will give you more time. 

One thing that I do like about the game is the billboards.  Much like the billboards in Pole Position, these are also set up to advertise.  There is one with the Nichibutsu logo as well as ones for their various games.  I saw billboards for Crazy Climber, Moon Cresta and Seicross.  There were a few others.  It is a nice little touch.  But you have little time to sight see as you are soon ganged up on and the road is very curvy. 

All in all, I found it a fun little game.  Not a great game, but it was enjoyable.  The action is very fast paced and will keep you going.  Just another of the many odd games from this odd arcade company.

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.


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