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There are a handful of games each generation that are fondly remembered by most of the gamers of that era.  Punch-Out is one of the games of its generation that will bring a smile to most gamers faces.  Just mention the title and they will begin waxing nostalgia about beating Glass Joe and Bald Bull.  Most people only remember the game from the NES where it was called Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!  At the time he was the baddest man on the planet and it was something to get to him and beat him.  But most people do not realize it was an arcade game first.  And what an arcade game it was.

During the mid 80's there were two main boxing games at the arcades.  One was Ring King but unlike its name, the real king of the ring was Punch-Out.  While the game is essentially a button masher with opponents that you could figure out a pattern to beat, the game had something that Ring King did not or for that matter most arcade games, it had character.  The game was not about being a great boxing game, it was about being an entertaining boxing game.  New games like Knockout Kings may be more realistic, but see if they still are as fondly remembered.  Punch-Out was about beating a collection of goofy boxers, each one with his own unique fighting style.  From their silly names to the way they taunt you after they beat you, makes the game a classic.

(Lose to him and endure a lifetime of ridicule.)

The controls are quite simple.  You move back and forth and you have two buttons.  One button is for the right glove and the other is for the left glove.  Aim up and you punch at the face.  Aim down and you hit the body.  It really is that simple.  Most of the time you do not need to move left or right.  There are a few fighters who will land a haymaker on you and you need to move out of their way, but most of the time you are flat footed. 

The graphics are basic but funny.  The animations of the guys eyes bugging out as you wallop them in the stomach or their taunts are hilarious.  The characters are all very cartoony.  You are represented by a wire frame green body.  This is to allow you to see through to your opponent.  At first it looks odd but you soon get used to it.  The graphics are not great but they more than do the job.

The sounds are also just right.  From the announcer to the grunts, the sound effects border on silly instead of serious.  The whirling noise as your opponent falls down is funny.  The game could use with a few more sound effects but overall it is fine.

(Don't get too cocky as they need to be knocked out several times.)

The gameplay is where the game really shines.  Your first opponent is Glass Joe, a total wimp.  The worst thing about Glass Joe is that if you lost to him, your friends would tease you.  There is no real strategy against him other than to just pound the daylights out of him.  But he is just to build up your confidence.  Piston Hurricane has some serious flurries of punches that can do major damage.  Bald Bull has a major haymaker.  Then for reasons I cannot explain, Kid Quick is a pushover.  He borders on being another Glass Joe.  But then things get tougher with Pizza Pasta who has a major punch.  And last but not least is Mr. Sandman who will send you to sleep.

Like I said before, the game is basically a button masher game that you memorize how to beat the boxers.  Once you have it down, it is pretty simple to beat.  But learning the boxers is half the fun.  Sure you will get frustrated some as you learn their weaknesses, but once you beat another boxer and move up towards the world championship, you will feel elated.  It is a fun game and deserves the accolades that are given to it.

Here is a link to a site that has how to beat the different boxers.


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