Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory
I had heard of an arcade sequel to Burgertime and as far as I know, this is it.  It is on some odd Cassette version, which means there is a two minute wait for it to load at the beginning (which makes me believe it is not an arcade game).  It has some elements of Burgertime and also some from the Intellivision only sequel, Diner (which is in my opinion the best Intellivision game and sadly, one that will never be ported to any other system). 

This game keeps the two dimensional view of the original Burgertime.  Once again, you are moving up and down ladders as you try to make ice cream cones.  This is where it borrows from Diner, you can kick the balls of ice cream and send them at the awaiting cones.  This will also run over any enemies that happen to be in the way of the big ball of frozen goodness.  And you will need them as there are a bunch of bad guys in this game and they are quick.  They are also smart, no stupid hot dogs in this game.  Also, this time you do not have any pepper to work with.  Instead, they give you the ability to jump.  While this is a nice power, I would have liked to get some pepper or maybe some salt to defend myself with.

The game looks good and there is a wide variety of foes.  You have strawberries, jugs of milk, donuts and what looks like a scale.  And you better get to know them as they will be after you and you will die often.  That is probably the biggest drawback about the game, it is too hard.  I played about 30 games and have yet to get past the first level.  This is coming from someone who has zoomed through the first five levels on Burgertime without too much trouble.  This is by far the biggest drawback and detracts from the game.

Being hard would not be bad if it was fair.  But the enemies have the ability to float over holes that you need to jump over.  They also move faster than you and when they respawn, they can pop up on the sides and kill you.  Then you add in the ice cream scoops that are sitting on the bottom level, the ones that need to be kicked upwards and you have a very serious challenge.  Too much of a challenge if you ask me.  Couple this with the long loading time and you have a mediocre sequel.

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.


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