Hyper Pac-Man
What do you get when you cross Pac-Man with Bomberman?  The answer is Hyper Pac-Man, a very strange Pac-Man sequel that came out in 1995, 15 years after the original.   While this has alot in common with the original, it is also influenced as much by the popular Bomberman series.   The combination makes for a very unique experience that is a bit too easy.

While the basic gameplay is there with the mazes to wander in and the dots to munch, the game is anything but a normal Pac-Man game.  The first big change is the addition of power-ups.  Grab a pair of roller skates and you go faster, grab some winged shoes and you can jump over your foes.  Get the picture?  It gets stranger as you have a football helmet that gives you one hit and one that allows you to shoot lasers.  You get to keep your power-ups from screen to screen so long as you do not die.   Some like the laser helmet are a bit too powerful and destroy the balance of the game.  It is quite easy to go through screen after screen when you can easily blast the enemies.

(OK maybe not exactly the same...)

To be honest, the biggest problem with this variation of Pac-Man is that it is way too easy.  You can easily get through ten levels before you need to use a continue (yes, it has continues).  The original and especially Ms. Pac-Man were all about a challenge (that is if you did not use the maze memorization of the original).  This one keeps you going for awhile just to see what is new and different but soon you tire of it.  The challenge is just not there.

(Make that nothing like the original.)

One neat feature it has over the original is a two player mode.  You can play two players at once, which adds some enjoyment to it.  This is especially helpful on the boss levels (yes, there are boss levels).  Too bad there isn't a choice to be cooperative or competitive.  That would have made a big difference.  But it is still nice to have another two player game.

(Is this Pac-Man or Bullfight?)

While it has all the elements of Pac-Man, it also has too many modern elements that will ruin it for purists.  Too bad as the two player option is a nice addition.  I just wish the challenge was stronger as I ran through the 30 levels in no time and don't have the urge to play it again.  And that is probably the surest sign it is modern game.

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.



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