Hopping Mappy
One of my favorite games to play is Mappy. Controlling the little mouse as he tries to get the stolen goods back from the cats is just plain fun! When I saw that there was a sequel to the game, I was stunned. I should be used to it as many sequels that were unknown to me a few years ago (like Crazy Climber 2 and Spy Hunter 2). This game falls in that category, unknown game that is a sequel of one of my favorites.

Hopping Mappy as you can guess by the title, deals with the little Mappy Mouse who is hopping this time. Instead of little trampolines that were the mode of transportation in the first game, this time you are riding on a pogo stick. Yes, a pogo stick! A mouse in a policeman's uniform, bouncing around on a pogo stick. Logic and video games do not have to go hand in hand. In fact, logic is often tossed out the window. This is the case here.

The game is quite similar to the original in that you are still trying to avoid the cats and collect the treasures that are scattered across someone's backyard. To keep things interesting, the cats are also on pogo sticks and are bouncing after you. But that is not the most bizarre thing. Instead of collecting stolen goods like televisions and paintings as in the first game, you are instead collecting snowmen, kitty cats and other stuff. Why these cats want this stuff and why they need pogo sticks to obtain it is a mystery to me. This whole game is a mystery to me.

The game retains many of the elements from the first game. If you collect the prizes in pairs, you get bonus points. There are also bonus rounds after you finished three levels, just like in the original. There is even the annoying "Hurry Up" message if you take too long. All like the original. But there is no closing doors, no bells to drop on them and the game is not as much fun. Not to say it isn't a good game, it is fun, for awhile. But the original was a great game and this one is not. You will find yourself playing it from time to time, but nowhere as often as the original Mappy, which is a classic.

All in all, the game tries to be a great follow-up, but somewhere they missed. Sure the action gets very hectic, especially on later levels when the yard is very big and there are cats on pogo sticks running all over. But, it just doesn't cut the mustard. Maybe that is why it was so unknown. Anyways, give it a try and come to your own conclusion.

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