(Simple little game)

Head On
Sometimes you find a game that is so simple that it can be addictive.  Head On is one of those games.  At the core it is so stinking simple you just laugh at it.  Who would waste a quarter on a lame game like this in 1979 when you had games like Asteroids, Galaxian and one of my favorites Rip-Off?  Well to be honest that is how I thought of it when I saw the game.  You are a car that drives around in circles and collects dots, whoopee.  Fast forward to 2004 and I am going through MAME looking at different games.  I come across Head On and decide to try it.  I still chuckle at it.  Then I start to play it and find that I cannot stop playing it. 

Head On like many games of that era is a very simple concept.  You drive around and try to clear the level of dots.  While you do this, there is another car that is driving around and wants to run into you.  It is up to you to go down the path that he is not going down.  Pretty simple right?  Well, this car has a nasty habit of choosing the same path you do and once you are committed to it, there is no turning back.   You do have one advantage, you can go fast or slow.  Hit the fire button and you speed up.  Take your finger off it and you go normal speed.  This can help out but it can also get you in trouble that much quicker.

(Finish a level and this is what you see, hardly worth the effort)

After a few games you want to prove you can clear the level.  It is harder than it seems.  Once you clear one, you want to show it was not a fluke.  And that is where you find yourself hooked.  To be honest, the game is not that great.  In fact, it is pretty mediocre.  But it is the drive to beat it that will have you coming back.  And this is enough to make it worthwhile.  It will not become a favorite of yours, but try it and see if you can stop before clearing a level or two.  If you are at all competitive, you will not be able to stop playing it. 

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.



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