I can still remember how much I enjoyed this game in my youth! It ate up a significant number of my quarters and I always came back for another game. It wasn't any one thing that captured me, rather a combination of many things that made this an irresistible game.

I can remember how excited I was to finally be able to play the complete version of this game! I had been on MAME for ages, first totally silent and then just with the voice, but no other sound. But with the latest version, I finally have the complete package! What a difference it makes! Gorf was one of the games that captivated me, partly due to the cool speech. "Long Live Gorf" and other little bits of speech still haunt me to this day. The computerized sounding voice with a touch of menace made me want to keep playing. Part of me always wanted to hear if there was something else Gorf had to say. I always hoped if I played long enough and made it through all the ranks, that he would surrender or praise me for my accomplishments. Of course he doesn't (not that I ever made it all the way through all the ranks), but it was one of the many dreams I had.

The other real exciting aspect of the game is that there were five different stages to the game. Unlike most games of the era, where there was one or two stages and you kept playing them over and over, Gorf offered you so much more! First there was the Space Invaders level. Then came one of my favorite levels with the death ray ships. It played a bit like Galaxian, but you had the two ships that shot the long and very deadly rays at you. Like all players, I always made it top priority to get rid of them ASAP. Third stage was a real Galaxian clone. The fourth stage was very unique as you sat at the bottom and these ships would fly very fast in a circle and kept getting closer and closer. This level was quite nerve wracking and many ships were lost here. Lastly, you had the mothership. As this big ship went back and forth, shooting at you, you had to try and shoot a hole and blast the core of the ship. This would result in a little show as the ship exploded and then you would go up one rank and do it again.

Gorf made me use logic when it came to playing games. It was logic of a youth, but it made all the world of sense to me then. Why play Space Invaders or Galaxian, when Gorf gives me both games, plus alot more! Whether this was their intent or not, I don't know, but it did work on me. Despite this reasoning, Gorf was a very good game and one I still enjoy.


This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.



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