Crazy Climber 2
How could I, a diehard Crazy Climber fanatic, not know about a sequel to my all-time favorite game? Probably because it was a Japanese only release. When I saw it on the new version of MAME, I downloaded that faster than you could say "Jimmy Crack Corn". But would this live up the the utter devotion I have for the original? Or would it be another sequel that lets me down (like Q*Bert's Qubes)? Read on and find out!

After playing a game, I can say that I really do enjoy the new version. While the original is still tops in my book, this one does a fine job of capturing the spirit of the original. Many of the same elements are there, the falling girders, the giant gorilla and the sadistic people tossing stuff out their windows at you. But they no longer are content with tossing flower pots, they now are throwing appliances! Televisions, blenders and boom boxes are being tossed at you and these suckers hurt.

The first thing you will notice about the game is a major improvement in graphics. While the original Crazy Climber was simple in its graphics, there was a certain charm in the simplicity. The new one almost borders on gaudy as you have foregrounds, backgrounds and all kind of detail. Everything is well illustrated and full of color. You will find yourself losing a few climbers, because you get caught up in checking out all the detail. But once the thrill wears away, you will find that this is a tougher game than the original. Much tougher.

There are some new challenges to keep you from reaching the top of the building. The first one is pretty funny. There are laundry lines that you must avoid. It may sound funny, but you can get wasted by a pair of underwear. That would not read well on your tombstone.

While the giant gorilla is not a new adversary, he has a new trick up his sleeve and it is not a very nice one. This oversized ape now throws bricks at you. Not one brick and rest, like Donkey Kong and the barrels, but one after another. It is literally raining bricks and that will give you an Excedrin headache T----H----I-----S B----I----G! We are talking a major ouch! I find myself very lucky if I get past this brute without losing a guy. Very lucky!

One old foe that is absent and I truly miss is the big bird who used to bombard you with the ketchup and mustard droppings (easier to stomach than the alternative, red droppings, ewwww).

Each level is designed differently and takes advantage of the improvement in graphics that is so relevant in this game. The second building is Las Vegas and is as garish as the city itself. You even have flirtatious women luring you into their windows. While this does give you bonus points, be wary, as this is a good way to die. More than once, I have come out with hearts in my eyes, only to get clocked by a girder. Like the Sirens of legends, these women will lead you to your death. So keep your wits or you will have a major indentation in your face and that will not be very pretty.

This is one sequel that improves on some areas (graphics and variety of foes) and keeps to the formula of the original. The only real gripes are the increased challenge over the original (but they do give you a continue feature), the lack of the bird and how your climber seems to glide more than climb, but all of these are very petty issues and do not bring down an otherwise impressive game. So if building climbing is your game, Crazy Climber 2 will give you the challenge you are looking for.

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.



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