Crazy Climber
I think I can honestly say that this is my favorite arcade game of all-time. It is one of two arcade games that I will own one day (the other is Discs of Tron, possibly one of the toughest and most desired of the classic games). Of course, I won't be lucky enough to find one at thrift store for $5.00 (someone has been making some major sacrifices to Bira Bira). How much do I love this game? I sold off my Super Nintendo version to raise some of the money to buy a V-Stick in order to play it the right way. How much do I love this game? I spent over $5.00 on it at Videotopia and if it weren't for my wife, I would have put another $5.00 or even $10.00 into that bad boy. But why do I love this game so much? Insanity? Possibly, I mean it is hard to think rational after getting pelted by a dozen or so flower pots. Great gameplay? Maybe, but it really isn't that incredible. I tried to rationalize why I am so ga-ga over this game. The answer must be the machismo of it. I mean what is more manly that climbing up a building, against all the odds. Plus, with the two joystick configuration you can really get into the game. You really begin to feel like you are climbing that building (it is a workout). In an era of one joystick games, this was different. You could, with much practice, move around that building and impress your friends. I think part of it was the amazement people have when you are effortlessly moving around as they end up street pizza. Excelling at Crazy Climber is anything but easy. It takes practice and patience to do well. The two joystick configuration is awkward and it is hard for people to coordinate their two hands to work in sync. But once you get it down, you have great movement and can really get around.

But what about the gameplay? For anyone who doesn't know, your objective is to climb up skyscrapers and reach the top. You may ask why would you want to climb up a skyscraper when an elevator would be much quicker? I answer, because it is there (and if you want to ride in elevators, check out Elevator Action). But this is no simple crawl up the side of a building. This building must be a asylum or something as the people are crazy. You would think they would be cheering you on or something, but no they would rather knock your sorry butt off. These antisocial people instead would rather drop flower pots on your noggin. Can you say "ouch!". You will as they bounce off your head. But as long as you keep two hands on the window ledges, you will survive. Of course on the next level, they are also throwing bottles and cans at you. I really wish you could just once, punch these yahoos in the face and send them a crying. But yours is a non-violent character and all you can do is dodge them.

But the object dropping cretins is only the start of your problem. Next you have a bird that would dwarf Big Bird. This monstrous Roc (actually it looks like a sea gull, but I have never seen one this big) is also a bit of jerk. Seems he is mistaking you for a freshly washed car and headed over to do his business on your head. Sure it is supposed to be eggs, but we all know the truth. I do get worried when I see the red, bloodstain droppings. That cannot be good to have land on your head.

Next on the list of foes is the ever famous, crossed eye King Kong clone. This ape is about as dumb as he looks and a bit of timing will always get you past him. But one slap from his paws and you are heading down a little too fast. There is also a neon sign on the second level that zaps you and changes your body color pretty well. A few hit of this and you are fried.

But the worst of all the obstacles is easily the falling girders and barbells. Who the heck is up there tossing these items at you and why? Nothing is worse than being stuck by a closed window and seeing a barbell headed at you. This really stinks and is enough to drive a man to drink.

Overall, it is a fun game and it will keep you coming back. But to be honest, playing it on MAME without a V-Stick is nothing short of an exercise in frustration. You have fingers going everywhere and will die more deaths than a cat before you can figure out what you are doing. But with a V-Stick, this game is awesome and one that will keep you busy.

This is just a review of the arcade machine.  If you are looking for the actual arcade machine, you may want to check out ebay.  Click below to see if you can find this game.


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