Pray For Late

When Image Comics first came out, they sold like crazy!  You could not keep the early copies of Spawn, Youngblood, Savage Dragon and Wildcatsin stock.  It seemed like everything that Image published was gold!  So while you would lower your orders after the first issue, with Image Comics, you keep the numbers high as they kept selling. 

But then things began to change.  First off, Image started publishing more and more comics.  Soon titles like Wetworks, Shadowhawk and Cyberforce were added and the number kept growing.  While this is good for the company it strained the budgets of fans who felt they needed to buy every comic Image published.  No one wanted to miss out on the next Spawn #1.  And since many people were still buying multiple copies of each one, they really felt their pockets getting lighter.

The other thing to happen was more and more Image comics were coming out later and later.  Few kept to their monthly schedules, some were months and months delayed.  What this did was make readers begin to forget about the comics as more and more new Image comics were announced.  So the demand for a comic that expected to receive four months ago has gone down and now you are stuck with extra comics that no one wants anymore.  It was becoming quite the problem.

Thankfully the distributors stepped in and forced Image and other companies to fix the problem.  They would take comics that were running too late and cancel orders and force the companies to relist the books and the comic stores could order again, this time with the knowledge of how the market for the comic changed.  I still remember how it was a weekly ritual to see which comic orders were canceled.  We made a list of comics and when they were past the magic number to be cancelled.  As soon as the comic was cancelled, we would throw a small celebration with cheers and high fives.  It meant we dodged another bullet.  I never was so happy to not see a comic book come in as I was during this time.

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