Late Night Surprise
When you own a business, you sometimes stop by late at night.  One night on the way from a night club, I stopped with a girl friend as I was taking her home.  It was a distance to her house and she needed to use the bathroom.  As she went downstairs, I heard a scream.  She was fairly skittish and anything could have scared her, but I figured I would go downstairs to see what it was.  To my surprise, there were two boys hiding in the bathroom.  They had newspaper delivery bags over their shoulders that were full of comic books.  It didn't take a detective to realize they had broken into the store and were stealing comics.  What was worse, they were stealing from my personal comic collection (I kept most of my comics in the basement of the store).  Even worse, they were stealing my Flaming Carrot comic books.

While the thought of doing bodily harm came to mind, my girlfriend calmed me down and we ended up calling the police.  The boys pleaded with us to not do it and to just let them go, but it fell on deaf ears.  I learned long ago that the only way to halt theft was to prosecute.  Well, it made for a long evening as we had to file a police report and they kept asking what we were doing at the store at night (they did not buy the going to the bathroom story).

One thing I did learn from the whole experience is that I needed to get an alarm system.  The store had only been around about four years and this was the first break in I had.  I had been lucky to stop it and not have anything stolen.  It also showed me how vulnerable I was (the boys had unlocked a window at the back of the store when they were there and came back later and entered through there) and how necessary an alarm system was.



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