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Check out all the different products that Spiderman, Batman and the rest of the Super Heroes either hawked or appeared on.  From t-shirts and toys to bubble gum and breakfast cereal, they are all here.


Batman Magic Photo - A magic photo kit starring Batman and Robin.  I have no idea what it really is.

Batman Pin-Ups - Six pin-ups for a buck!  Too bad we are about 30 years too late.

Captain America War Effort - Want to know how many dimes it takes to buy a grenade?  This ad will tell you and our enemies.

Captain Marvel Club - Every hero had a fan club back then.  What happened to that?  I really wanted to join a Captain Carrot fan club.

Captain Marvel for Mechanix Illustrated - See Shazam hawking a magazine.  Will someone give him a ship to save or something.

Captain Marvel Sweater #1 - The clothing line for kids who want to get beat up at school.

Captain Marvel Sweater #2 - And to think kids paid money to wear these. 

Captain Marvel Watch - It says that it is indestructible.  Wonder how many kids proved that it wasn't?

Clark Supermobiles - With Clark bar wrappers you can order either the Batmobile or the Spidermobile.

DC Halloween Costumes - They are cheesy but it was a long time ago.  At least there is an Isis costume.  Walk like an Egyptian!

DC Patches - I remember when patches were the rage.  I had a jean jacket covered in Looney Tunes patches. 

DC Superwear - Wide selection of pajamas, towels, belt buckles and more!  Get your DC on!

DC T-Shirts - Gotta love DC Comics t-shirts.  I especially like the one with Aquaman on his seahorse. 

DC T-Shirts 2 - Another ad featuring your favorite heroes, including Shazam!

Fantastic Four Gum - Maybe it's just me but I thought the Human Torch gum should have been Hot Cinnamon or something.

Flipits - Silly toys with Spiderman, Hulk and Underdog on them.

Hulk Cookie Crisp - Marvel comics in Cookie Crisp.  Now there is finally a reason to buy that cereal.

Hulk Magic Snake - The Hulk selling a puzzle toy?  Talk about a stretch.

Junior Justice Society Member - Donate fifteen cents and you could be a junior member of the Justice Society.  Talk about a cheap club to join.

Marvel Belt Buckles - Want to be on the cutting edge of fashion?  Check out these boss belt buckles.

Marvel CD-Roms - Do you remember the comic books on CD-Rom that featured animation and trivia?  Me neither.  But they look like fun.

Marvel Coins - Guess the Spider-Man coin did well cause now they have Hulk and Captain America coins as well.

Marvel Halloween Costumes - Sure you may think these things look silly now, but you know you wanted one when you were young. 

Marvel Masterpiece Cards - Now these were some fancy cards.  I can still remember how impressed I was with the quality of them.

Marvel Mirror - What is better than combing your hair in an Incredible Hulk mirror?  How about a Spider-man mirror!

Marvel Pajamas - Want instant cred at your next sleepover, come sporting your Hercules pajamas.

Marvel Pillows - What's better than sleeping on a Spider-Man or Thor pillow?  Sleeping on a plastic pillow.

Marvel Prestomagix - I had a cousin who had these, they were cool!  Especially when you mixed Marvel and DC heroes together.

Marvel Prize Club - Want to get a free moped?  Just sell 10,000 subscriptions to Marvel comics.

Marvel Shooters - What better item to use on your action figures than Marvel Shooters?

Marvel Slumber Bags - Also known as sleeping bags.  While they are very loud and would probably keep you up, they are cool looking.  In a geeky way.

Marvel Toys R Us - Here is the winner of the shopping spree!  I always wanted to do a shopping spree.

Marvel T-Shirts - I am all for super hero t-shirts, but a red shirt with Stan Lee's face on it?  Who would wear this? 

Marvelites - You are not a true Marvel fan until you are using a Spiderman toothbrush and carrying a Hulk wallet. 

Mary Marvel Clothes - See Mary Marvel of Captain Marvel fame shill for school clothes. 

Mead Superhero Folders - Want to get beat up at school?  Show up with these school supplies.

Mood Rings - This has to be one of the most ridiculous items I have come across.  Mood rings with Marvel characters.   They don't get any more trendy or corny than this one!

Palisades Park - See DC's biggest heroes shill for an amusement park.  Now if it guaranteed a ride in the tunnel of love with
Wonder Woman, then I would be there.

Palisades Park #2 - This one only features Superman but it is also for a circus.

Secret Wars Stickers - Puffy stickers based on the great comic mini series.  Guess it beats puffy stickers based on the Watchmen.a

Spider-Man and Cap n Crunch - See Spidey battle the Sogmaster.  Yeah, that is the villain's name.

Spider-Man Cereal - Like every famous person, Spider-Man had his own cereal. 

Spider-Man Coin - Before they made a coin for every event under the sun, there was the Spiderman coin!  Much nicer than those poorly painted state quarters you see on television.

Spider-Man Fan Club - Join the club and get a shirt and more!  Awesome!

Spider-Man Fruit Roll-Up - Peel and eat your favorite wall crawler.  That doesn't sound very good does it?

Spiderman Magic Snake   - This is a direct rip-off of the Hostess ads, even down to design.  See Spidey solve the riddle of the Magic Snake!

Spider-Man Record - That's right, it is a record of Spider-man hit songs like "No one has a crush on Peter."  Serious.

Spider-Man Ring - They call it space age, I call it a mood ring.

Spider-Man Ski Mask - Wonder how many of these were used in bank robberies? 

Spider-Man Slurpee - A slurpee contest with Spiderman pushing it.  Double page ad.

Spider-Man Vitamins - Want to be like Spider-Man?  Get bit by a radioactive spider.  Want to be bigger?  Try these vitamins.

Spider-Man Water Gloves - Since web technology is not available, try getting your spider on with these gloves.

Super Capes - An ad for Superman and Batman capes!  Helps when you jump off your roof.

Super Gliders - Here are some cool gliders starring Marvel and DC heroes.  Up and away!

Super Friends Back to School - What better way to be the target of a bully than superhero school supplies? 

Super Hero Backpack - And school supplies.  Cause it is never too young to learn self defense.

Super Hero Flashlights - Actually this ad is also for superhero watches and toothbrushes. 

Super Hero Glue Stic - Want to get noticed and possibly beat up?  Then take these nifty glue stics to school with you.

Super Hero Goodies - Lots of cool Marvel Superhero items.  Accessorize! 

Super Hero Hang Ups - These were Fatheads way before anyone heard of Fatheads.  I think they need a comeback.

Super Hero Lunch Boxes - These now collectible lunch boxes were all the rage in the day.

Super Hero Rubber Masks - Ever experience suffocation?  You will if you wear one of these masks.

Super Hero Stick-Ons - I really wanted these wall clings as a kid.  Especially the Green Arrow one.

Super Hero T-Shirts - Nice selection of Marvel and Star Wars t-shirts.  Get your nerd on!

Super Hero Watches - Swiss quality watches with Wonder Woman, Joker and more on them.

Superman Club - While it is probably defunct, it did look like a cool club!  The poster is really nice and you received an iron on.

Superman Magic Snake - This should be simple for him, he has a super brain.

Superman The Movie Contest - You could have won the actual cape from the movie!  How cool is that?

Superman Peace Poster - Anyone can have a Superman poster, but to have one with him giving the peace sign is the bomb.

Superman Playsuit - Most of us had to use a towel for a cape,  but some lucky kids got to wear this.

Superman Public Service - One of many public service pieces done by DC Comics.

Superman Special Olympics - He was quite the spokesperson in the 70's. 

TMNT Cereal - That's right, the Ninja Turtles had their own cereal.  Hope it wasn't radioactive.

Tru Dimension - Ad for 3D pictures of super heroes.  It stars Superman, but if they wanted to sell a bunch, they should have had Wonder Woman or Power Girl.

TV Sandals - Sandals featuring Superman, Batman, Woody Woodpecker or Popeye!  Too bad they weren't made in my size.

Wonder Woman Contest - The contest is long gone, but any ad with a picture of Lynda Carter in her Wonder Woman contest is a keeper.




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