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Some ads were so popular that they ran for years.  And like the comics, they constantly changed.  Here are some of the more popular "series ads".  From the Dubble Bubble Kids to Rocky and Bullwinkle, these series feature recurring characters.

Ball Band #1 - See Red Walker battle pirates in this popular shoe ad.
Ball Band #2 - This time Red battles a rival in what looks like an episode of American Gladiator.
Ball Band #3 - Red saves a kid from drowning.  How nice.
Bazooka Gum #1 - The adventures of the Atom Bubble Kid.  Nice name.
Bazooka Gum #2 - This time he deals with the a missing messenger.
Captain Tootsie and the Babe Ruth Story - Not the best quality but I finally found it!
Captain Tootsie and the Bumbershoot - A classic ad done by CC Beck of Captain Marvel fame.
Captain Tootsie and the Giant Cannon - These were better than some comics.

Captain Tootsie and the Runaway Horse - Can Captain Tootsie stop the runaway horse?  What do you think.
Captain Tootsie and the Secret Weapon - Another great tootsie roll ad from CC Beck.
Captain Tootsie Battles Monster Man - Looks more like a caveman to me.
Captain Tootsie Cheers Orphans - Want to boost your PR?  Help orphans!
Captain Tootsie and the Hand Grenade - This strip shows why hand grenades are not good gifts for kids.
Captain Tootsie in Emergency Landing - Yes, he can even avert plane crashes.  What a dude!
Captain Tootsie in the North Woods - It is a law that if a series goes long enough, they have to have a story with a bear or a lion.  I think it is called the Wizard of Oz rule.
Captain Tootsie and the Jewel Robbery - Every hero needs to stop a jewelry store robbery.
Captain Tootsie and the Log Jam Rescue - Lumberjacks and dynamite are a both mix.
Captain Tootsie in Radar Rescue - It even has an offer to get a free ballpoint pen!  Wowsers!
Captain Tootsie Captures Red the Terror - Maybe it is just me, but Red the Terror sounds like a dog's name.
Captain Tootsie and the Return of Dr. Nasty - You know you are bad when your name is Dr. Nasty.  I am guessing he couldn't make it as a gynecologist, so he went into a life of crime.
Captain Tootsie Saves the Sailplane - Not the best scan, but it gets me closer to having all the Captain Tootsie.

Captain Tootsie Saves Sally - Superman gets to save the world and Captain Tootsie gets to save Sally.
Captain Tootsie Saves School Party - Another big assignment for Captain Tootsie.
Captain Tootsie Traps Killer Bear - And he does it with invisible light!  What a man!
Captain Tootsie in Wolf Hunt - I was upset when I found there were no wolves in this strip.  Boo!  Hiss!
Carnation Milk #1 - Why is it that tigers are always getting loose in these ads?
Carnation Milk #2 - Rocky Lane versus Dog Face Mooney?  Why would anyone want to be named Dog Face?
Carnation Milk #3 - See the politically incorrect Rocky Lane as he plays cowboy.
Carnation Milk #4 - This time Rocky goes after gold bandits.
CIE #1 - Ad for the Cleveland Institute of Electronics, you know those train at home schools. 
CIE #2 - Nothing like a nagging wife to get you to try an at home mail course.
CIE #3 - If the wife doesn't do it, how about Electroman?  Yes, a superhero for mail courses.  
Dubble Bubble Kids #01 - What is more amazing, the ancient arts of the Indian Rope Trick or Dubble Bubble Gum?
Dubble Bubble Kids #02 - The gang watches a circus parade.
Dubble Bubble Kids #03 - The gum helps score a touchdown!
Dubble Bubble Kids #04 -  The gang becomes explorers.
Dubble Bubble Kids #05 -  Bubble gum and a two headed calf?  Only in these cartoons.
Dubble Bubble Kids #06 -  See the consequences of not including the girls.
Dubble Bubble Kids #07 -  Like there are so many Indians in the suburbs.  Dumb kids.
Dubble Bubble Kids #08 -  Only these kids could use gum to scare a leopard.
Dubble Bubble Kids #09 -  Keep your pyramids, we have bubble gum!
Dubble Bubble Kids #10 -  Exactly why is this girl named Tommy?
Dubble Bubble Kids #11 -  If you cannot tell a basketball from a bubble, you need an eye exam.
Dubble Bubble Kids #12 -  Gotta love nicknames like Pud and Specs.
Dubble Bubble Kids #13 -  There is not enough gum on Earth to get Pud to fly.  
Dubble Bubble Kids #14 -  You know a series has gone too long when you rip yourself off.  Same cartoon as #3.
Dubble Bubble Kids #15 -  The gum that improves your ice skating?  Give some to Tonya Harding.
Dubble Bubble Kids #16 -  You know a gum is good if it is more interesting than being double jointed.
Dubble Bubble Kids #17 -  Even the Dubble Bubble kids love a good hoe down.
Dubble Bubble Kids #18 -  Watching a game through a knot hole, those days are long gone.   
Dubble Bubble Kids #19 -  Can you blow a bubble underwater?
Dubble Bubble Kids #20 -  Paying a ransom with Dubble Bubble, what can't this gum buy?
Dubble Bubble Kids #21 -  Pud is a moron.  He should ask for the gum as well as the wrapper.
Dubble Bubble Kids #22 -  Some would consider this animal cruelty. 
Dubble Bubble Kids #23 -  You know they had to have a spooky house strip.
Dubble Bubble Kids #24 -  Watch as the kids go International in the next three strips.  First to meet a native in the jungle.
Dubble Bubble Kids #25 -  The international tour continues to Alaska as they introduce cavities, I mean Dubble Bubble to an Eskimo.
Dubble Bubble Kids #26 -  The international tour finds them getting painted by a French artist.
Dungeons & Dragons #1 - The first of eight ads that tell a story of a group of adventurers.
Dungeons & Dragons #2 - The second of eight ads that tell a story of a group of adventurers.
Dungeons & Dragons #3 - The third of eight ads that tell a story of a group of adventurers.
Dungeons & Dragons #4 - The fourth of eight ads that tell a story of a group of adventurers.
Dungeons & Dragons #5 - The fifth of eight ads that tell a story of a group of adventurers.
Dungeons & Dragons #6 - The sixth of eight ads that tell a story of a group of adventurers.
Dungeons & Dragons #7 - The seventh of eight ads that tell a story of a group of adventurers.
Dungeons & Dragons #8 - The eighth of eight ads that tell a story of a group of adventurers.
Lucky Charms #1 -  Yeah, the leprechaun that always gets caught in comic form.
Lucky Charms #2 -  Hide in a well, no wonder you keep getting caught.
Lucky Charms #3 -  Who is chasing him?  The Lost Boys from Peter Pan?
Lucky Charms #4 - The old boots trick is used to capture Lucky.
Lucky Charms #5 - Won't they leave that poor Leprechaun alone.
Old Nick #1 - Nothing like your spokesperson looking like a hobo.
Old Nick #2 - Never heard of the candy bar but it also advertises Bit-O-Honey.
PF Canvas Shoes #1 - Watch how the shoes help win a baseball game.  Sorta like steroids for your feet.
PF Canvas Shoes #2 - More baseball action with the super shoe.
PF Canvas Shoes #3 - This time they are stopping a dam from busting. 
PF Canvas Shoes #4 - Wear these shoes and you too can be a hero.
PF Canvas Shoes #5 - Now they are stopping spies.  This is getting a little ridiculous.
PF Canvas Shoes #6 - What?  Can these shoes travel through time?
PF Canvas Shoes #7 - Another western story.  I thought cowboys wore boots.
PF Canvas Shoes #8 - Trouble at Ghost Town?  These shoes are too dangerous for me. 
Rice Krispies #1 - Yeah, Snap, Krackle and Pop go into the series bit.
Rice Krispies #2 - The cereal that can help stop a train.
Rocky & Bullwinkle #1 - Bullwinkle goes skydiving.  I always feared flying moose.
Rocky & Bullwinkle #2 - You would think a moose wouldn't want to cut down the trees in his forest. 
Rocky & Bullwinkle #3 - Bullwinkle and the whale.  And it looks like every whale you see in a cartoon. 
Rocky & Bullwinkle #4 - Bullwinkle the basketball player?  Sorta reminds me of Bill Walton.
Rocky & Bullwinkle #5 - Bullwinkle the one man band.
Rocky & Bullwinkle #6 - Eating cereal while riding a bike sounds like a recipe for disaster.
Rocky & Bullwinkle #7 - Gotta love those Cheerio muscles.  Sorta like Popeye and his spinach.
Rocky & Bullwinkle #8 - A moose on skis cannot be a good thing.
Rocky & Bullwinkle #9 - I always envisioned Bullwinkle as a clown in a circus.
Sam Spade #1 - Only Sam could stop crime with Wildroot Cream and from a helicopter.
Sam Spade #2 - A typical spooky house and a kidnapped man.
Sam Spade #3 - Because you cannot do a series without a train in one episode.
Sam Spade #4 - When I read the title, the Web-Footed burglar, I was expecting Donald Duck.
Smith Bros #1 - Not the best quality scans, but still fun.
Smith Bros #2 - Another average scan for the cough drops.
Thom McAn Captures Fire Bug -   Thom and his bazooka shoes stop a firebug.
Thom McAn Foils the Flood - Where was he when Noah needed him?
Thom McAn Prevents Cave Disaster - Is there nothing the bazooka shoes cannot prevent?
Thom McAn Stops Bus Smash-Up - Many kids and peanut butter sandwiches were saved!
Thom McAn Traps Mad Elephant - Animals getting loose seems to be consistent in these series ads.
Thom McAn The Wrong Way Touchdown - Don't see this in the NFL.   Maybe the USFL, but not the NFL.
US Royal Outwits the Kidnappers - Beware the of the dude with the jet powered bike.
US Royal Racing to the Rescue - The bike beats cars in a race.  Dude!
US Royal Saves the Crops - He can do morse code with his bike exhaust.  Right.
US Royal Trapping a Bandit - Imagine going to prison and telling them you were caught by a dude on a bike.



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