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Here you will find some of the hilarious ads featuring Marvel, DC and even Archie characters battling foes with tasty Hostess snacks!  These were among the funniest and most imaginative ads ever done!  Hats off to Marvel, DC and of course Hostess!  Just like real life, you can solve an argument and fight with some candy or cakes! When you're on a diet you might want to use a supplement like Leptigen if you plan on treating yourself to a cupcake. Diet Spotlight has a proven formula that can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Aquaman and the Imperiled Sub - Why is it the porpoises do all the work but they don't get any Hostess snacks?

Aquaman and the Space Capsule - Once again the porpoises are doing all the work.  Shame on you Aquaman.

Aquaman in Dirty Beach-Dirty beaches, underwater creatures and twinkies.  Looks like a job for Aquaman!

Aquaman in the Ice Age - Watch Aquaman battle a living iceberg.  Personally I think this ad would have been better for Hostess Snoballs but that is just me.

Aquaman in Pirate's Gold - If you are looking for cool pirates, look elsewhere.  Sorry, no Jack Sparrow.

Aquaman Meets the Manta Men - Actually it is Aquaman's wife.  I always thought when Mera was away from Aquaman, she was hanging out with Namor, but I guess I was wrong.

Aquaman in Twinkies and Kelp - Now that is one combination that I want no part of.

Archie #1 - Veronica lures Archie away from another woman with a taste of her pie.  Hostess fruit pie, of course.

Archie #2 - Archie and Jughead learn how valuable those snack cakes really are!

Archie #3 - Leave it to Hostess to help solve a crossword puzzle.

Archie #4 - Need a lift during a double header?  Forget the Gatorade, try some Twinkies.

Archie #5 - Getting paid with Hostess cupcakes, wonder if this is the inspiration for the commercial where they paid in gum?

Batgirl #1 - See the often overlooked crime fighter as she does her part to keep the snack cakes from falling into the wrong hands.

Batgirl #2 - Watch Batgirl battle a woman who commits crime on fashion.  That is one ugly outfit.

Batman and Catman - Catwoman is hot but Catman is a total dork.  Hope they are not from the same family.

Batman in Birds of a Feather - A villain is using birds to steal the Statue of Liberty.  Would not want to clean up after that.

Batman in Captive Commissioner - Batman and Robin to the rescue of the commish and snack cakes!

Batman in Heart of Darkness - Nothing to do with book of the same name.  Rather some women in lame outfits, but at least the Hostess snack cakes are good.

Batman in Someone is Kidnapping the Great Chefs - Watch as Batman tries to figure out who is kidnapping Chef Boyardee, Betty Crocker and others.  OK, they really are not in it, but they should be.

Batman in Twinkieless - Can you imagine a town without Twinkies?  It would be worse than a town without pity.

Batman K-9 - Batman battles a man in a dog suit.  Very sad day in Batman's career.

Batman in Lights...Cameras...Crime! - The sad thing is the title is better than the comic strip.

Batman Professor Plutonium - The only thing that tempts the professor is gold.  Can you guess the rest of the story?

Batman The Muse - A machine that transforms people into musical notes.  If only it was true.

Batman Upside Down - The Caped Crusader is turned every way but he never loses track of the tasty snack cakes.

Batman versus Sable Lady - Batman and Robin versus Sable Lady, vavavoom!

Batman vs the Mummy - Two thousand years can build up quite an appetite as the Mummy goes after the real golden treasure.

Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig - You didn't think that Bugs Bunny only ate carrots, did you?

Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd - Elmer and Bugs enjoying Twinkies together?  Only in these ads.

Bugs Bunny and Elmer's Love Life - Yeah, Bugs is helping Elmer with his love life.  It may take more than Hostess for this one.

Captain America and Sore Sir - Sore Sir, like Sorcerer, get it?  If not, you may need some lessons in bad puns as they are crucial to enjoying these ads!

Captain America and the Time Warp - I expected to find Captain America dancing the Time Warp, but I was sorely disappointed.

Captain America Cut on the Dotted Line - You know it is a slow week for Cap when he is busting sweat shops.

Captain America in Deciding Factor - Both Captain America and Nick Fury battle aliens with snack cakes.  Sounds like a Sci-Fi channel movie.

Captain America in The Deserted City - Remember, even Captain America cannot escape a Deserter Ray.

Captain America in Friendly Gesture - Check out the bite on this guy.  He could eat a whole fruit pie on one bite.

Captain America in Fury Unleashed - I like the Trapster better when he was called Paste Pot Pete.

Captain America in Invading Army - Cap battling humanoids who look alot like Cubans to me.

Captain America vs The Aliens - They come to Earth to steal our baked goodness.  Someone must stop them!

Captain America vs Red Skull - See the two battle for the Cosmic Cube and Hostess snacks!  I personally would take the Hostess snacks.

Captain America When it Rains it Pours - Using weather to alter an election?  Beats using hanging chads.

Captain Marvel Defends the Earth - What better way to defend the Earth than with Hostess snack cakes?

Captain Marvel in Big Bang - Nitro is actually a real villain.  Now he is a real lame villain.

Captain Marvel in Energy Crisis - Think someone who could come up with a ray that depletes energy could make a costume.

Captain Marvel in Flea Bargaining - How cheesy is this?  Captain Marvel battles a flea that eats flea markets.  Oh brother.

Captain Marvel in He's All Mouth - Captain Marvel vs a giant mouth?  They don't get much stranger than this.

Captain Marvel in Killer Bee and Son - What do space bees like?  Hostess Twinkies of course!

Captain Marvel meets Dreadnought - This is the Captain Marvel from Marvel Comics, not Shazam.

Captain Marvel Returns to Earth - With all the troubles in our world and his cosmic awareness picks some kids in danger?

Captain Marvel vs Professor Sneer - Maybe it is me, but this guy isn't very menacing. 

Casper - Even the Friendly Ghost likes Hostess snacks!  They are a bootiful thing!

Casper #2 - Someone has a case of the Boo Hoos.  Can you guess how to cure it?

Casper #3 - Nothing makes the zoo a more pleasant place than Hostess snack cakes!

Casper #4 - We cannot get enough of this friend ghost!  This one has a mod rocker who is making people do the boogy woogy.

Casper #5 - A ghost Boo-Merang?  Very scary mate!

Casper #6 - See the Ghostly Trio get their just desserts.

Casper #7 - What kind of cake would a ghost want for their birthday?  A Hostess snack cake, of course.  Ha! Ha!

Casper #8 - More fun with the friendly ghost.

Casper #9 - Playing Hide and Seek with a ghost is not exactly fair.

Casper #10 - No matter who wins the fight, we know that the Twinkies are the true champ!

Casper #11 - Don't expect an Amityville Horror here.

Casper #12 - It is one thing to be no good, but to be a no goodnik is a whole different thing. 

Casper #13 - It is cartoons like this that make me believe being a ghost isn't all bad.  They can still enjoy Hostess Snack Cakes!

Casper #14 - See Casper and a Troll enjoy Hostess Snacks.

Casper #15 - Hope it isn't the enchanting spell that Hostess Snack Cakes puts on you.

Casper #16 - A ghost in disguise, guess even they need to hide.

Casper #17 - Casper and some environmental animals get down to business.

Casper #18 - Gotta love hippie ghosts.  Too cool!

Casper #19 - A good past time to do while enjoying your favorite snack cakes.

Casper #20 - Casper goes into outer space and takes Hostess with him.  Sure beats Tang.

Casper #21 - Gotta wonder how hard it was to keep coming up with puns using the word boo.

Casper #22 - Is it me or does this creature not look exactly like Pacman (other than his color).

Casper #23 - Casper dancing with a human.  Could this be the influence for the movie Ghost?  Yeah right!

Casper #24 - Casper has to deal with a bully ghost.  Aren't all ghosts other than Casper bullies?

Casper #25 - Casper deals with the Fog.  No, not the John Carpenter movie, that would have been better.

Casper #26 - This time it is a robot.  Guess machines are not scared of ghosts.

Casper #27 - This strip has good witches and bad warlocks. 

Casper #28 - Another monster for Casper to deal with. 

Cracky - The not so popular parrot had his own appearance in the Hostess Ads.

Daredevil's Dare-Double - Two Daredevils?  Like we never seen that before. 

Daredevil in Because - Here is a strip that deals with the building climbing craze.

Daredevil in McBrain's Brain Drain - Remember, if you have a big head, you are smart.  At least in comics.

Daredevil's Longest Fight - The villain looks like someone who escaped from the pages of Shazam.

Daredevil in Peachy Keen Caper - If you cannot guess which product they are hawking by that title, you need to read more of these.

Daredevil vs Johnny Punk - Guess if you grew up with a name like Johnny Punk, you would end up in a life of crime too.

Fantastic Four Wonders of Nature-With a father as smart as Reed Richards, Franklin Richards still gets lots of Hostess snacks.  See mothers, they are fine for your children.

Flash in A Flash in the Dam - Flash battles some generic villain named the Destroyer. 

Flash in Marathon Madman - Maybe it is just me but the flash in a marathon is not too fair.  Luckily he is not racing or it would be a quick race.

Flash meets the Bureaucrat - Actually it should be the Bureau Rat!  See this fiendish man and his plan for stealing snack cakes!

Flash vs Stony Eyed Medusa - Can the fast one beat the woman with the stone cold gaze?

Green Arrow in Arrow in Time - Good to see Oliver Queen getting in on the Hostess Action.

Green Lantern and the Fruit Pie Scene - Guess if you are gonna be part of a scene, might as well be a Fruit Pie Scene.

Green Lantern and the Mirror Master - A rare appearance by a real DC villain.

Green Lantern in Bobsled Run - Another perfect opportunity for an ad for Hostess Snoballs.

Green Lantern in Half the People - Yes, there are half people in the ad.

Green Lantern vs Triclops - Now that is one ugly monster.

Hawkman Makes a Safe Landing - The mighty Hawkman is out saving sky divers.  This is why superheroes need a union.

Hawkman in She's No Angel - Crime is for the birds but not Hostess Fruit Pies.

Hot Stuf and the Fat Demon - Yeah, there are fat demons and they like Hostess fruit pies.  Go figure.

Hot Stuff and the Hot Rock - Hot Stuff has problems with a rock.  Yeah, that is about it.

Hot Stuff and the Hot Rod - Here is a large, colorful ad.  Enjoy its massiveness.

Hot Stuff and Uncle Boiler - This one does not have a title, so I made one up. 

Hot Stuff Devilishly Good - The title is not as interesting as it sounds. 

Hot Stuff in Baked Alaska - See Hot Stuff in the Frigid North.

Hot Stuff in Frozen Forest - Not the best scan, but it gets me closer to a complete collection.

Hot Stuff in Hot Ideas - Who ever thought that Hostess Cupcakes were giving the devil his due. 

Hot Stuff in Lame Brain - Know the real lame brain?  The one who doesn't like Hostess Snack cakes.

Hot Stuff in Loop the Loops - A devil flying an airplane?  They really have everything in these comic strips.

Hot Stuff in Playing Cupid - See all it takes to get a prince and a princess to get married is Hostess snack cakes!

Hot Stuff in Seeing Things - A whole bunch of Hot Stuff's equals trouble and lots of it.

Hot Stuff in Shut My Mouth - They make it like a devil swearing is a bad thing.  I thought that is what they did.

Hot Stuff in Something Else Cookin - This looks to be the first part of a series, but I have no idea what the second part is.

Hot Stuff in A Swell Party - Hot Stuff and a monster sneak into a Halloween costume.  Guess what their costumes are.

Hot Stuff in Too Much Mush - Hot Stuff tries to use snack cakes to get his aunts from smooching on him.

Hot Stuff in Mad, Mad, Mad World - See Hot Stuff have a temper tantrum.

Hot Stuff in Stealing Thunder - This time he battles a pink cloud.  Seriously.

Hulk and Friends - Sounds like a children's show.  But it is actually Hulk and Toad Man. 

Hulk and Green Thumb - Beware of Cousin Betsy the Plant Lady!  Does not sound intimidating at all.

Hulk and the Ultimate Weapon - With the Hulk, we can think of numerous things that could be an ultimate weapon.  Just use your imagination.

Hulk Changes Mind-See the mighty Hostess snack cakes tame the savage beast!

Hulk in Forget-Me-Net - A net that makes you forget things, just what the world needs.

Hulk vs Green Frog - Normally he would have no problem with a frog, but when it is the size of Godzilla, that is another matter.

Hulk vs Phoomie Goonies-Can you imagine being a bad guy in a group called the Phoomie Goonies?  Talk about taking abuse.  

Hulk and the Twins of Evil-See Hulk battle the twins of evil and I don't mean the Olsen twins either. 

Hulk up a Tree - I don't remember the hulk carrying a backpack.

Hulk vs Roller Disco Devils - They are not real devils, but they do roller disco and that is half the battle.

Human Torch in Blown About - See the Torch battle a woman with a hair dryer.  Only in Hostess ads could you get something this silly.

Human Torch in Hot Tempered Triumph - You would think by now that the Human Torch would not be beaten by a hose, but I guess not.

Human Torch in Hot Time in the Old Town - And what kind of time did you expect the Human Torch to have?

Human Torch in Sparks Fly - This woman has the same bad hairstyle as the one from the Blown About ad.  What are the odds of that?

Human Torch Meets the Icemaster-Can anything save us from the Icemaster?  A certain snack cake can!

Human Torch Saves the Valley - I would rather see him save Hidden Valley.  Their dressing is delicious.

Iron Man in Brains over Brawn - How many times has Iron Man battled a tank?  Think these guys would realize they will not win.

Iron Man in the Charge of the Rhinos - I like Rhinos and I like Iron Man, so this is a pretty cool ad.

Iron Man in City Crisis - Iron Man must halt a crisis and only a certain snack cake can do it!

Iron Man in A Dull Pain - Boy does Tony Stark look angry in this comic strip.  Maybe if he ate a few cupcakes before giving them all away.

Iron Man and the Hungry Battle Axe - Never heard of a hungry battle axe before.

Iron Man in the Irresistable Force - Iron Man versus a car.  They don't get more exciting than this.

Iron Man vs the Bank Robbers - Maybe it is me, but I think Iron Man is a little too qualified for this job.

Joker in the Cornered Clown  - Yes, even the Clown Prince of Crime is a fan of the snack cakes! 

Joker in Laugh, Joker, Laugh - Another commercial for the Joker.  For a villain, he has a good agent.

Joker in Clowning Around - How does the Clown Prince of Crime get so many ads? 

Josie #1 - Hostess pies brings out the beast in the most unlikely person.

Josie #2 - No trip to the beach is complete without Hostess.

Josie #3 - Melody looks almost as tasty as a Hostess snack cake.

Josie #4 - Josie knows how to wake an unconscious person.

Josie #5 - Alan benefits from a misunderstanding.

Josie #6 - Bet you didn't know Josie was a karate expert.

Josie #7 - The only way you could get me to go sledding down a mountain is for Hostess snack cakes.

Josie #8 - Another snow based strip, this time it is skiing.

Josie #9 - Want to get someone talking who is silent, try Hostess.

Josie #10 - This time Josie is playing soccer.  Yeah, she does everything.

Josie #11 - Josie deals with a spoiled girl.

Josie #12 - Gotta love a strip that is named  "Yowza! Yowza!"

Josie #13 - Josies is like Bo Jackson, she can do everything.  This time she is skateboarding.

Josie #14 - Back to the slopes with the gang.

Josie #15 - This strip proves that Hostess is not just delicious, it is also a work of art.

Josie #16 - Josie deals with a guru who looks alot like Jesus.

Josie #17 - Josie uses her pie to win over a boy.

Josie #18 - I giggle when I read the title of this cartoon, Josie and her cupcakes.

Josie #19 - Sorry but I ran out of clever things to say about Josie and Hostess snack cakes.

Mr. Fantastic in Passion for Gold - What is it with Mr. Fantastic and twinkies?  Two ads with him and twinkies.  Sounds pretty serious.

Mr. Fantastic in Power of Gold - Feel the power of real gold, the golden cake filled with cream!

Penguin in Cuckoo Cuckoos - Another of Batman's villains gets his own Hostess Ad.  Who says crime doesn't pay?

Plastic Man in Gold for Dessert - I always loved how Plastic Man would shape into anything, like this time he is a cart.

Popeye-This is actually an ad for Quaker Oatmeal, but it fits in this section.

Red Tornado in Clean Sweep - Poor Red Tornado only got one Hostess Ad. 

Richie Rich and Bascomb - What buys more friends than money?  One clue, it rhymes with mostest.

Richie Rich and Chef Pierre - Even famous chefs can take a lesson from Hostess.

Richie Rich in Giant Sized Freckles - Too bad they didn't make the cupcakes giant sized.

Richie Rich in Lost and Found - Its a fact that more people will come and save you if you have Twinkies than trail mix.

Richie Rich in A Real Treat - I guess if you are filthy rich that maybe you would want fruit pies over a castle.

Richie Rich in Soft Gold - If you cannot guess what Soft Gold is, then you need to read more of these.

Richie Rich Tackles Problem - Twinkies are used for inspiration.  I can buy that.

Richie Rich in Traffic Jam - When you have a helicar, you don't need to get stuck in traffic jams.  But Richie helps out the rest of the motorists.  Nice boy.

Richie Rich in What Money Can't Buy - Can you guess what Richie Rich keeps in his vaults?  One hint, it is golden.

Richie Rich in Winning Combination - This is the same premise as the tackles problem one, only with basketball.

Road Runner #1 - What did you think the Coyote ate when he came up empty handed?

Road Runner #2 - In the cartoons, they never talked.  But here, they don't shut up.

Road Runner #3 - If the Pony Express delivered Hostess, I think they would still be in business.

Road Runner #4 - Daffy Duck gives the Road Runners a hand, like they need it.

Sad Sack in Big Hit - Even the military loves Hostess snack cakes.

Sad Sack Catches It - Watch a bunch of military men chase a box. 

Sad Sack in Doggone It - What is better than a Sad Sack comic strip?  One with a dog!

Sad Sack in Down and Out - This time everyone's favorite private gets in a hot air balloon.

Sad Sack in Dreams - Sad Sack dreams about Hostess snack cakes.  We all do that!

Sad Sack in Happy Landings - Gotta love a military that has its soldiers chasing butterflies.

Sad Sack in Lucky Day - Sad Sack has a lucky day and of course Hostess Snack cakes are a part of it.

Sad Sack in Nap Sack on His Back - I didn't know Sad Sack had a brother.  Better than a sister.  If she looked like him, she would be one ugly girl.

Sad Sack in Not Fair - It would take a general to make Sarge share his fruit pies.

Sad Sack in Oops - Sad Sack messes up who gets the Hostess Snack Cakes.  Yeah right!

Sad Sack and the Tiger - Sad Sack uses Hostess Fruit Pies to catch a tiger.  Why?  Because the tiger thinks "They're GREAT!"

Shazam in Cupcake Caper - Even the mighty Shazam has a sweet tooth for Hostess cupcakes!

Shazam in Minerva Menace-Can Shazam save the tasty sponge cake from Minerva?  

Spiderman and the Fly - Spiders and flies will always be linked together, much like Hostess snack cakes and delicious.

Spiderman and the Kidnap Caper - Who would kidnap Aunt May?  Someone who wanted her recipe for wheat cakes.

Spiderman and Madam Web - This is not the same person who appeared in a Spiderman cartoon.

Spiderman Breaks the Bank - One of the lamer of the Hostess ads, but it still Spiderman and we like him!

Spiderman's Cupcake - Spidey goes to battle and Mary Jane eats all his cupcakes.  How does she keep that figure after eating all those cupcakes?

Spiderman and the Demolition Derby - Maybe it is just me, but demolition derby should have cars.

Spiderman's Dream Girl - See Spidey with someone other than Mary Jane.  Hmmm, at least he didn't stray from his favorite snack food.

Spiderman in Hotshot on the Block - Guess when you have villains made of sand and shoot electricity, you are bound to have a fire one too.

Spiderman in Legal Eagle - Looks like a relative of the Vulture.  Too bad he did not appear in the regular comics as I kinda like him.

Spiderman in Twinkie Takers - See a very evil use for Groucho Marx glasses.  Just buy your own twinkies.

Spiderman Meets the Home Wrecker - Not that kind of home wrecker, but a literal one with a wrecking ball.

Spiderman Puts Himself in the Picture - Gotta love a villain named the Photoman.

Spiderman in The Rescue - Yeah, it is as dull as it sounds.

Spiderman Spoils the Snatch - Why are bald guys almost always villains? 

Spiderman The Champ - We know who the real champ is in this strip.

Spiderman The Trap - Once again it is proof that henchmen cannot resist Hostess snack cakes.  Proof that evil doers should stick with robots.

Spiderman vs the Chairman - The sad thing is that he really is a chair.

Spiderman vs the Human Computer - This guy looks like a pile of boxes.  I created better Halloween costumes than this.

Spidey vs June Jitsu - She may be giving Spidey more than he can handle, but he has a trick up his sleeve!

Spooky in Don't Make Waves - You know you are scary when you can scare a piece of wood.

Spooky in One Big Boo - How does one stop a Booing contest?  One guess.

Spooky in Pearl's Purse - Even bad ghosts can be whupped.

Superman in The Big Fall - Old Supes is stopping a runaway elevator.  Guess Lex Luthor was too busy for this ad.

Superman in Gold Mine Rescue - Why are they looking in the ground for gold when we know Twinkies are available everywhere!

Superman in The Ionic Storm - In case you were wondering, Superman is immune to Ionic storms.

Superman in The Unbeatable Force - Superman battles an alien for Twinkies.  That is about it.

Superman Saves Earth - Was it his superhuman strength?  Was it his super speed that saved Earth?  If you do not know what it was by now, you are not paying attention.

Superman Saves Weather Satellites - You didn't think he only saved humans, did you?

Superman and the Spy - I have run out of clever things to say, so just enjoy the ad and the snack cakes!

Superman in The Rescue - I wish Superman would stop saving aliens and especially giving them Hostess snack cakes, he is just asking trouble.

Superman vs The Laughing Gas Bandits - Only in Hostess ads do you get villains like this.  Sheesh!

Thing and the Ultimate Weapon - I have a secret for you, the ultimate weapon is a robot and not a very cool looking robot.

Thing in Earthly Delights - While the snack cakes got the aliens to leave, who knows if they will return for more.  Scary!

Thing in Lesson Learned - Maybe the police should include Hostess snack cakes in their crime fighting arsenal.

Thing in Sunday Punch - It is the Thing versus a living building.  Yes, these did get silly.

Thor and the Ding-A-Ling Family - Thor battles hillbillies from space.  Sounds like a bad movie to me.

Thor in Glutton for Gold - Maybe it is me, but I really don't find gold that appealing.  Now twinkies are another story.

Thor in Good Overcomes Evil - Good or bad, everyone loves the great taste of Hostess snacks.

Thor Meets the Ricochet Monster - Notice how the monster does not ricochet the fruit pies back.  Smart monster.

Thor in Storm Meets its Master - Don't these villains know that you cannot control the weather.  At least not with Thor around.

Tweety and Sylvester #1 - Until I read this comic strip, I thought Tweety was a girl.

Tweety and Sylvester #2 - Why do Warner characters always dress in drag?  

Tweety and Sylvester #3 - Anyone who says cats are smarter than dogs never met Sylvester.

Tweety and Sylvester #4 - Spike the Bulldog helps out Tweety.

Wendy the Good Little Witch and the Cherrydactyl - A Cherrydactyl?  What will these Hostess Writers think of next?

Wendy the Good Little Witch and the Forgotten Recipe - What is up with these witches?  If they quit worrying about turning people into frogs and used their magic for snack cakes, it would be a better world.

Wendy the Good Little Witch and the Gold at the end of the Rainbow - What is the gold at the end of the rainbow?  Give you a hint, it is not ho-hos.

Wendy the Good Little Witch Brightens up the Night - Yes, even insects love Hostess Snack Cakes!

Wendy the Good Little Witch in Her Smart Wand - Not to be confused wth a smart phone, this item can do more and there is no monthly fee.

Wendy the Good Little Witch in The Spell - Another charming Wendy cartoon.

Wonder Woman and the Baron - Even royalty love Hostess snack cakes.

Wonder Woman and the Maltese Cup Cake - Bogey has got to be spinning in his grave with this one.

Wonder Woman in Cooky La Moo - A billboard comes to life and wants snack cakes.  I hate when that happens.

Wonder Woman Dilemma - See Wonder Woman stop a speeding locomotive.  Copycat.

Wonder Woman in Old Gold - A gold statue of Wonder Woman.  Talk about a making some valuable worth more.

Wonder Woman Saves the Astronauts - Remember when astronauts came down in capsules like this?  In the days before space shuttles.

Wonder Woman in The Borrower - A man that leaves his name when he steals something.  Not the brightest bulb.

Wonder Woman vs Robot Master - Doesn't the Robot Master look like a 70's game show host.


Note: The images and characters in these ads are the property of Marvel, DC, Archie, King Features, Quaker and of course Hostess.  We are merely posting these for your enjoyment.  Please don't sue me or I will not be able to support my cravings for these delicious snack cakes!  Suzy Qs are my personal favorite!  Yum! Yum!

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