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Here is where you will find ads for upcoming comics.  Some of these were for some of the greatest titles ever done and some are not.  We tried to find selections that are both interesting and well done. 

Action Comics #1 - An actual ad for the first Action Comics, with the first appearance of Superman.  Came from an early issue of Detective Comics.

Action Comics #360 - Groovy ad for Action #360 that looks like a big board game.  Gotta love the psychedelic era of comics.

Adventure Comics - Nice ad starring many of DC's biggest stars including Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Deadman.

Alpha Flight - This cover makes me want to break out the crayons.

AV Comics - One of my favorite companies with cool titles like Cerebus, Normalman and Flaming Carrot!

Batman 30th Anniversary Issue - A real groovy ad!  Check it out!

Batman Comics - Here is an ad for three different comics featuring Batman.  Besides his own title, there is also Detective Comics and World's Finest.

Batman Family - Ad for both the Batman Family comics and World's Finest.  I want to see the Batman Family Reunion comic.

Batman The Killing Joke - Great ad with the Joker in one of his best adventures.

Batman Knightfall - A cool ad for the Knightfall series.  Pretty brutal.

Batman Knightfall with Bane - See Bane breaking Batman's back.  Ouch!

Batman Retires - Actually it is an ad for Batman #300, but with a cover of Batman retiring, I thought it sounded better. 

Captain Action - The ad spotlights his arch enemy, Dr. Evil.  No, not that Dr. Evil.

Captain Marvel Club - Here is an ad for a ton of different Captain Marvel items.  Think what this stuff would fetch on ebay these days.

Charlie Chan - The super sleuth had his own series of comics at DC and here is an ad for one of them.

Christmas Annual - At one time these Christmas comics were popular.  But then that was a different time.

Comic Cavalcade - One of DC's golden age comics that features many of its greatest heroes.

Congo Bill - Everyone had at least one jungle comic and this was one of DC Comics jungle men.

Crazy Magazine - A great ad with the famous Batroc the Leaper!

Creeper - I expected a crazy ad to fit the character.  But it is still a good ad.

Daredevil Comics - This isn't the Marvel character, rather it is one from the 1940's with the spiked belt.

Dazzler - A cool ad for one of the least liked X-Men. 

DC Digests - An ad with many of the highly sought after DC Digests including Superman vs Muhammed Ali.

DC Explosion - I remember seeing this ad as a kid and thinking that DC had some very strange heroes.

DC Family - Here is an ad for all the DC Family comics, you know Superman Family, Batman Family, Swamp Thing Family.  OK, I made up the last one :)

DC Genres - We all know about DC's heroes, but what about their horror and fantasy comics?  This ad shows those.

DC Holiday - Never thought I would see Sgt. Rock on a Christmas ornament.

DC Mob - Now here is one of those books that I have never seen and I have seen millions of comic books.  Will have to add it to my list of books to try and find and read.

DC TV Comics - See comics based on TV Shows like Isis and Welcome Back Kotter!

Deathlok - The original series was better than the new one, but I still like the character.

Detective Comics #40 - An ad for an early issue of Detective with Batman and Robin!

Dr. Strange - An ad for the Master of Mysticism. 

EC Family Comics - Yes, EC did something other than horror and crime comics.  They did a big line of family comics and here is an ad for some of them.

EC Stories of the Bible - Yes, the same EC did a Bible comic.  No, the Cryptkeeper did not appear in it.

Elfquest - This is an ad for Epic Comics Elfquest and Groo the Wanderer, two of my favorites.

E*Man - A cool ad for E*Man that spoofs the A*Team. 

Evolutionary War - Ad for one of Marvel's first cross comic events.

Fiction House Comics - A company that had some great titles including Wings, Jungle Comics and Planet Comics.

Firestorm - Ad for the forgotten DC Comic series.

Flash Speed - This ad will give you an idea how fast the Flash is.  Get out those calculators.

FOOM - Remember the magazine FOOM (which stood for Fans Of Old Marvel)?   Well, here is an ad for it.  Some may wonder why they called it Friends of Old Marvel?  My guess is that FOOM sounded cooler than FOM. 

Fox Comics #1 - See some of the popular comics from Fox Comics.  Never heard of them?  Well, Blue Beetle came from there.

Fox Comics #2 - A bunch of heads of characters you probably never heard of.  But some were pretty cool.

Funnies Comics Ad #1 - A collection of newspaper funnies in comic form. 

Funnies Comic Ad #2 - Another ad for the newspaper funnies.

 Harvey Comics - This ad features a bunch of different Harvey Comics including Hot Stuff, Wendy the Good Witch and more.

Hawkman - Classic ad for the silver age flying hero. 

Hellblazer - An ad for the great comics series and not the movie.  Great ad.

Holoman - This poor guy had possibly the most obnoxious uniform in comic history.  He looks like a giant, multi-colored candy cane.  At least Daredevil was blind, what was this guy's excuse?

Howard the Duck - A cool ad for a cool comic book.  Too bad the movie wasn't that good.

Human Torch - A classic ad for the Golden Age Human Torch.  And you get Namor in the ad too!

Human Torch #2 - Another ad for the Golden Age Human Torch.

Incredible Hulk #1 - Ad for the first issue of Incredible Hulk.  Get me that time machine!

Incredible Hulk #336 - Ad for the two part story of the Hulk versus X-Factor.

Joker Comics - An ad for four different DC Comics with the Joker being the highlight.

Justice League of America - One cover coming out of another!  Now that is pretty cool.

Justice League Giant  - This is an ad for one of those 80 page giants.  I looked for these as a kid to get more bang for my buck.

King Conan - The other Conan series and one that I think is way overlooked. 

King Kong - This one is for the Gold Key movie version.  Not the best ad, but at least the movie is awesome.

Legion of Super-Heroes - The group with a thousand members, or so it seems.

Magnus Robot Fighter - Not the Valiant comic, but this is for the original Magnus comic book.  Hit that robot!

Malibu Genesis - Ad for the story arc that ran through the Malibu comics. 

Martin and Lewis - Yes, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis had their own comic series and it was quite successful.  No, they never joined the Justice League.

Marvel Holiday - Hey!  Where are the holiday books?  No Spiderman vs Santa Claus?  Bummer.

Marvel Mystery Comics - Ad for the series that started Marvel Comics.

Marvel Mystery Comics Ad #2 - Another ad for one of the most influential comics series of all-time.

Marvel Supernatural - Three of Marvel's most supernatural comics in one ad!  Can you guess which books are featured?

Marvel Superteams - An ad for the top five Marvel Super Hero Teams of the time - Avengers, Fantastic Four, Invaders, Defenders and X-Men.

Marvel Treasuries - As much as I love these oversized books, I always regret putting these ads up.  It means that I will get even more emails from people looking for them.  Please people, I do not have these for sale.  Honest!

Marvel Try-Out - Want to work in the industry?  This book may or may not help.  Has anyone got their start from this book?  There has to be a few.

Master of Kung Fu #100 - With his foot up in your face, it is a good thing this doesn't have smell-o-vision.

Micronauts - From innerspace to comic space, comes the Micronauts!  I do remember enjoying the comics.  Wonder if I would now?

Mister Miracle - A nice ad for one of those DC heroes that is often overlooked.

Movie Comics - Remember the comic is for every member of  the family, it says so.

New Teen Titans - Sure it looks just like the cover of the first issue, but it is a cool cover.

Nexus - A nice ad with the awesome artwork of Steve Rude.

Picture Stories from the Bible - While these look like nice family comics, look who made them.  That's right, EC comics!  The same people who did Tales from the Crypt and Two Fisted Tales.  Guess every bad boy has a nice side.

Plastic Man - A funny ad for Plastic Man.  I especially like the "Not as wet as Aquaman" line.  Funny stuff.

Powerman/Iron Fist - See Iron Fist plead with you and warn you, but did you listen?  No, and now these poor guys are out of work.  How do you  sleep at night?

Punisher - We were long overdue for a Punisher ad. 

Richie Rich Comics - One of the stock ads from Harvey that features all the different Richie Rich comics.  And there were a bunch.

Rocketeer - A great ad showing Dave Stevens great artwork.  What a great series this was and the movie was pretty good as well.

Rom - You know your comic wasn't very popular when the only issues that have any value are the ones with the X-Men appearance.

Sad Sack Comics - A nice colorful ad for the the family of Sad Sack comics.  I am always amazed at how many different versions of a comic they could do.

Sgt Bilko - Yeah, he had a comic book.  Way before Steve Martin ruined...I mean revived him.

Sgt Rock's Battle Tales - Nice cover that is definitely a product of its times.  Look at that lettering.

Shogun Warriors - A nice ad for a decent comic book.

Showcase #100 - A milestone issue for a comic series that is very popular with collectors.

Showcase with Bwana Beast - See the introduction of the B'wana Beast.  Don't know him?  He later became Animal Man.

Showcase with Hawkman - Another Showcase book with the winged warrior.

Spawn - A cool black and white ad for the Image comic, Spawn.

Strange Adventures - Another of the DC Comics Sci-Fi series that were so popular back in the day.

Strange Sports Stories - A strange ad for a strange comic book.

Strange Tales Annual #2 - Ad for the Strange Tales Annual #2 with the Spiderman vs Human Torch battle!

Sub Mariner - Ad for the Golden Age hero who always looked like Mr. Spock to me.

Sugar and Spike - The cute little tykes from DC Comics.

Superman Comics #1 - An ad for four different Superman comic books.

Superman Comics #2 - Another ad for four different Superman comics.

Superman and Batman Annuals - Annuals are great and here is a great ad for them!

Superman vs Muhammad Ali - See the greatest superhero versus the greatest boxer!

Superman vs Shazam - Battle of the titans!  Here is an ad for the classic bout.

Superman vs Spiderman - Before the Marvel vs DC, there was the supersized battles!  This is the one that started it all!

Sword of Azrael - Very nice ad with Azrael and Batman.

Terry Toons Comic - I love Terry Toons!  And you can tell from this ad that it is old Terrytoons.  This is before Heckle and Jeckle and Mighty Mouse.  But they have Gandy Goose and he is cool.

Thunder Agents - This is the newer series starring the agents.

Thunder Bunny - One of the forgotten about comics that I enjoyed.

Timewarp - Sadly, this has nothing to do with the song from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Tomahawk - Everyone's favorite buckskin hero.  Or so the ad says.  I guess when there aren't that many buckskin heroes, you can make a claim like that.

V for Vendetta - A great ad for a great series!  Gotta give DC credit for some of the best ads ever!  Guess that is one of the perks in being part of a huge conglomerate like Time/Warner.

Vintage DC Heroes - A great picture of some very rare and valuable comics.  I remember when I was young and saw a page with comics on it like this and wanting to get them all.  I do remember once having all the books on an ad and feeling like I really accomplished something.  To be young and naive. 

Warren Magazines - A nice little ad for the family of Warren Magazines.  Includes Vampirella, the Spirit and Creepy.

Whiz Comics - See Captain Marvel get ready to battle Captain Nazi.  Guess who is going to win that one.

Wings Comics - This ad tells how major magazines have used Wings as a reference source.  Not every comic can say that.

Wolverine #1 - It is essentially the same as the cover for the first issue of his regular series, but what a cover!

X-Men Fall of the Mutant - A nice ad with the X-Men playing the part of buzzard bait.  Eat up scavengers!

X-Men Inferno - Another ad for an X-Men mini-series.

Zero Hour - A simple, but nice ad for the DC series.

Note: All characters and images are the property of their respective owners, Marvel, DC, whoever published Holoman and the rest.  We merely post them for your enjoyment!



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